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01- a tall owl <br>
02- left facing gargoyle, 03-a lion tailed gargoyle,04-a right facing gargoyle<br> 05-a climbing frog, trio of birds, 07-bat<br>
08-horse with nature elements, 09-regal cat, 10-lounging cat<br>
11-wolf head next to flowers,12-feral creature, 13- halloween cat <br>
14- viking creature,15-slain creature,storybook cat 17-flower cat<br>
18 and 19, birds
01- a skeleton contemplating, (inspired by a vase from pompeii) 02-a dining scene<br>
03-owl on vase, 04-man without any possessions,05 Pompeii<br>
06-owl, 07-lovely scene, 08-the dead with his treasures<br>
09-goblet, 10-royal bird, 11-ornamental plant<br>
12- bacchus god of wine, 13-working woman, 14-girl with snake<br>
15- dead and his dog (inspired by a vase from pompeii)<br>
16-crumbling building, 17-man teasing dogs with bread 
01-wanderer, 2-castle scene, 03- star chain, 04-cat window<br>
05- moon cloud, 06-rock guy, 07-hypnos, 08-flowers, 09-human on horse<br> 
10-angel rock, 11-ornament stamp, 12-ornament stamp B, 13-reading rock<br>
14-butterfly window, 15-ax, 16-candle, 17-candle window<br>
18-pet in window, 19-cheeky hand, 20-bird vase 21-horse and hunter<br>
22-bells, 23-butterfly double candle, 24-cup, 25-pointed ornament<br>
26-heart lantern, 27-star lantern, 28-house and tree
01-death, 02-two of cup (both women), 03-fool, 04-nine of pentacles <br>
07-temperance, 08-page of swords, 09-justice <br>
10-death, 11-strength, 12-6 of pentacles, 13-hermit (with long hair) 

01-judgment, 02-alchemical skeleton, 03-Calvary of life, 04-blood of christ<br>
05-animal lover, 06-angel statue, 07-sun and moon, 08-flower saint, 09-divine journey<br>
10-three angels, 11-small angel, 12- medieval angels, 13-angel of death<br>
14-magic book, 15-saint reading to bird, 16-feeding the birds, 17-divine counsel<br>
18-divine messages, 19-angel of life, 20-feeding the pooch 
21-Urania (Muse of astronomy), 22-weeping death, 23-female warrior<br>
24-gotten by the beast, 25-Pope Joan (middle ages pope), 26- naturalist window<br>
27-Girl, woman, death on horse<br>
28-saintly angel, 29-divine book, 30-scrib, 31-charting in a book<br>
32-channeling into letters, 33-book on pillow, 34-the reader, 35-wraith 

01-thorny rose, 02-grapes, 03-book and flowers, 04-curved roses, 05-ornamented flower stem<br>
06-seashell kelp, 07-big rose letter, 08-strawberries, 09-tall rose,<br> 10-ornamented rose shield, 11-grape stalk, 12-small rose letter <br>
13-tea wreath, 14-short stem rose, 15-single berry, 16-black rose,<br> 17-black and white rose letter, 18-black rose string
01-little hall, 02-medium hall, 03-birds defending a tower<br>
04-four caps, 05-monastery, 06-ghostly ruins, <br>
07-castle, 08- ghost in passageway, 09-crooked ladder, 10-quarters, <br>
11-knightley hall, 12-large hall, 13-5 towers
1 and 2 - capricorn, 3-virgo, 4-taurus,<br> 5-sagittarius, 6-aquarius, 7-aries,<br> 8-Scorpio, 9-gemini, 10-pisces, 11-aquarius 12-cancer, 13-libra free!


For text, tell me the word/phrase and alphabet you'd like. Below are some of my alphabets:

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